Med Sea Alliance

GSA07 - Gulf of Lion


Location Coordinates Shapefile_name GSA DATE (STANDARD FORMAT) DATE (string) INFRACTION DETAILS SOURCE(S)
PARC MARIN DE LA CÔTE BLEUE 43.327582049850925, 5.120739487580403 GSA7 1/1/2018 2018-2020 The PMCB monitored trawlers operating suspiciously in the 3nm coastal band between 2018-2020 with AIS tracking of vessels operating in the area and on-the-spot surveillance by Park officers from the shore. However, this monitoring carried out by the Park does not in itself constitute formal proof of an offense (even if documented); only an infringement control procedure carried out by the local maritime gendarmerie / police can allow this. Bearing this in mind, 23 alleged infringements (for illegal trawling activity) were identified and reported to the local maritime gendarmerie in 2018 concerning trawlers operating within the 3nm coastal band of the PMCB, 29 in 2019 and 26 in 2020.
PARC NATUREL MARIN DU GOLFE DE LION FR_MPA_No Take Areas Gulf of Lion (field_1: 19 ) GSA7 1/1/2018 2018-2021 Illegal trawling activities in the 3nm coastal band in the southern part of the park are regularly spotted.
Couronne / Frioul sector 43.3417589547034, 5.056246156474637 GSA7 1/1/2020 2020 On 25 February (2020), from 02.00 to 08.00, the BSL of Marseille in collaboration with ULAM 13, carried out a new surveillance of trawlers in the 3nm band in the Couronne / Frioul sector.  At precisely 05.08, a trawler was caught in flagrante delicto trawling within 3nm with its AIS deactivated. A large volume of fish as well as the net and its mooring system were seized. The fisherman, a repeat offender and known to our services, was summoned to court.
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