Med Sea Alliance

GSA04 - Algeria


Location Coordinates Shapefile_name GSA DATE (STANDARD FORMAT) DATE (string) INFRACTION DETAILS SOURCE(S)
Algiers 36.7348707959888, 3.082337320037722 GSA4 1/1/2020 2020 (but activity detected in 2019) The Coast Guard issued 93 reports of infringements committed during 2019 by fishermen in prohibited areas in the province of Algiers alone.
From Tichy to Melbou 36.65593203363198, 5.15556283800743 GSA4 1/1/2018 2018 An article reports several infractions by a number of fishing boats (including trawlers) but no details are provided: “In the middle of the spawning season […] sardine boats and trawlers have invaded the spawning areas located almost at the seaside to scrape the seabed whose depth is less than twenty meters. Indeed, from Tichy to Melbou, more than a dozen sardine boats and trawlers have been counted and have been roaming around since the beginning of the afternoon until the early hours of the night, without the coast guard preventing them
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