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natura 2000 gallipoli s andrea


The Site of Community Interest (SCI) “Litorale di Gallipoli e Isola S. Andrea” (IT9150015) is located in Western Ionian Sea (GSA19), designated as SAC in 2018 (DM 21/03/2018 – G.U.82 del 09/04/2018). It protects the following habitat types of the Habitats Directive, 1120 “Posidonia beds” and 1170 “Reefs”.

Inside this No Trawl Area it was observed a total of 518 apparent apparent fishing days1 from 2020-01-02 until 2021-11-24 carried by 8 vessels.

The vessels* that were observed to be apparently fishing inside the No Trawl Area during this period were:

Vessel Name MMSI Vessel Unique Identifier Flag EU fleet register main gear EU fleet register auxiliary gear Length (m) fra Apparent fishing days
BARABBA 247120030 ITA000019849 ITA OTB LLS 14.3 sic_zps_gallipoli_s_andrea 15
DONPEPPE 247131770 ITA000013301 ITA OTB LLS 20.15 sic_zps_gallipoli_s_andrea 44
ELISABETTA 247045160 ITA000004231 ITA OTB NO 18.14 sic_zps_gallipoli_s_andrea 135
ENZINO 247122260 ITA000023559 ITA OTB NO 20.93 sic_zps_gallipoli_s_andrea 101
LUIGICASOLE 247128990 ITA000024675 ITA OTB LLS 17.43 sic_zps_gallipoli_s_andrea 7
NONNOFRANCESCO 247080810 ITA000000506 ITA OTB NO 19.1 sic_zps_gallipoli_s_andrea 37
NUOVASANMICHELE 247281390 ITA000028624 ITA OTB LLS 14.92 sic_zps_gallipoli_s_andrea 26
SCATERINA 247129450 not found ITA not found not found 15.5 sic_zps_gallipoli_s_andrea 153
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