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parc national des calanques


The Park is located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region (GSA07). The Park has been designated with the Decree number 2012-507 of April 2012. 10% of the marine territory of the Calanques National Park is classified as a no-take area where fishing is prohibited. A protection area has also been set up, where small-scale fisheries are allowed, subject to authorisation. The park also includes the following Natura2000 site: Calanques et iles marseilles – Cap Canaille et massif du Grand Caunet (FR9301602).

The National Park of Port-Cros was created on the 14th December 1963. The Decree 2009-449 of 22/04/09 on the delimitation and regulation of the Port-Cros National Park, bans fishing with the use of all nets dragging on the sea bed, particularly trawl nets. The parc also includes the following Natura2000 sites: Corniche varoise (FR9301624) and Rade d’Hyères (FR9301613).

Inside this No Trawl Area it was observed a total of 173 apparent apparent fishing days1 from 2020-01-02 until 2021-11-23 carried by 3 vessels.

The vessels* that were observed to be apparently fishing inside the No Trawl Area during this period were:

Vessel Name MMSI Vessel Unique Identifier Flag EU fleet register main gear EU fleet register auxiliary gear Length (m) fra Apparent fishing days
JOSEPHDITRENTO 227318890 FRA000568849 FRA OTB NO 21 parc_national_dess_calanques_port_cros 65
MARIEPIERREANDRE 227312050 FRA000915202 FRA OTB NO 18.5 parc_national_dess_calanques_port_cros 106
PAPHIDO2 227986000 FRA000726712 FRA OTB NO 18 parc_national_dess_calanques_port_cros 1
PAPHIDO2 227986000 FRA000726712 FRA OTB OTM 18 parc_national_dess_calanques_port_cros 1
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