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lazio gaeta ZTB


This area is located a few miles off the coast of Gaeta (GSA10) and was established to protect concentration of juvenile hake. The ZTB was closed to trawling in 1998. In 2009 trawl fishery was allowed between November 1st and March 31st. In 2020 trawling was banned and transit only allowed at a direct and constant speed of no less than 7 knots.

Inside this No Trawl Area it was observed a total of 479 apparent fishing days1 from 2020-01-07 until 2021-09-16 carried by 14 vessels.

The vessels* that were observed to be apparently fishing inside the No Trawl Area during this period were:

Vessel Name MMSI Vessel Unique Identifier Flag EU fleet register main gear EU fleet register auxiliary gear Length (m) fra Apparent fishing days
ANGELAMADRE 247094550 ITA000008507 ITA OTB LLS 22.75 lazio_gaeta_ztb 14
ELISABETTA 247094170 ITA000003708 ITA OTB NO 21.03 lazio_gaeta_ztb 67
GIAGUARO 247142710 ITA000018683 ITA OTB LLS 18.39 lazio_gaeta_ztb 17
GIULIOGENNARO 247110880 ITA000025626 ITA OTB PTM 19.96 lazio_gaeta_ztb 88
JURI1 247090880 ITA000018105 ITA OTB LLS 17.69 lazio_gaeta_ztb 22
MAGONE 247100690 ITA000026379 ITA OTB LLS 19.8 lazio_gaeta_ztb 68
MARIASORELLA 247092320 ITA000004083 ITA OTB NO 19.73 lazio_gaeta_ztb 5
NONNORAFFA 247126690 ITA000027485 ITA OTB LLS 21.2 lazio_gaeta_ztb 21
NSALVATORE7 247094110 not found ITA not found not found 14.68 lazio_gaeta_ztb 12
NUOVAVANIGLIA 247094140 ITA000003653 ITA OTB NO 16.1 lazio_gaeta_ztb 12
NUOVOSSILVESTRE 247148880 ITA000019026 ITA OTB PS 27.51 lazio_gaeta_ztb 1
RAFFAELEPADRE 247113010 ITA000026904 ITA OTB PS 21.8 lazio_gaeta_ztb 63
SANBENEDETTO 247094090 ITA000003723 ITA OTB NO 16.95 lazio_gaeta_ztb 57
ZORRO 247094040 ITA000003662 ITA OTB NO 19.2 lazio_gaeta_ztb 32
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