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golfo castellammare ZTB


The ZTB – established between Capo Rama and Torre dell’Uzzo – was closed to trawling in 1990 by the regional government. In 2020 transit was only allowed at a direct and constant speed of no less than 7 knots.

Inside this No Trawl Area it was observed a total of 345 apparent fishing days1 from 2020-01-02 until 2021-11-04 carried by 6 vessels.

The vessels* that were observed to be apparently fishing inside the No Trawl Area during this period were:

Vessel Name MMSI Vessel Unique Identifier Flag EU fleet register main gear EU fleet register auxiliary gear Length (m) fra Apparent fishing days
ALESSANDRO 247143070 ITA000009567 ITA OTB LLS 21.3 golfo_castellammare_ztb 12
MADONNADILOURDES 247145410 ITA000008992 ITA OTB LLS 23.25 golfo_castellammare_ztb 15
NUOVASANNA 247302510 ITA000026969 ITA OTB PS 20.385 golfo_castellammare_ztb 50
NUOVOSSILVESTRE 247148880 ITA000019026 ITA OTB PS 27.51 golfo_castellammare_ztb 5
SANTARITAL 247303340 ITA000017821 ITA OTB PS 21.7 golfo_castellammare_ztb 47
TIMPANO 247142440 ITA000024684 ITA OTB PS 17.62 golfo_castellammare_ztb 216
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