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amantea ZTB


This ZTB is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea (GSA10). The area was closed to trawling in 2004 and then definitely in 2009. Since 2020 transit is only allowed at a direct and constant speed of no less than 7 knots.

Inside this No Trawl Area it was observed a total of 96 apparent apparent fishing days1 from 2020-01-13 until 2021-08-03 carried by 4 vessels.

The vessels* that were observed to be apparently fishing inside the No Trawl Area during this period were:

Vessel Name MMSI Vessel Unique Identifier Flag EU fleet register main gear EU fleet register auxiliary gear Length (m) fra Apparent fishing days
ASSUNTAMADRE 247130250 ITA000017310 ITA OTB NO 19.8 amantea_ztb 19
MADONNADELLEGRAZIE 247124710 ITA000006847 ITA OTB PTM 16.15 amantea_ztb 17
PARADISESECONDO 247130320 ITA000023296 ITA OTB NO 24.92 amantea_ztb 27
SARA 247130290 ITA000017319 ITA OTB PS 16.9 amantea_ztb 33
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